Presents for the girlies (and me!)

It seems like all the birthdays come at once…….except they’re not mine, they’re  the birthdays of friends and relatives and thank goodness they like jewellery.  So that’s what I’ve been busy doing, making presents and neglecting the housework, not that I need any excuse to neglect the housework!


The trouble is, when I make something for someone else, I often wish that I had one like that too…  I often end up making more than I had intended to make in the first place.


So, some of these are mine.and I’m (almost) ashamed to say it, I only made two to give away.


I do feel a bit guilty………….but only a bit!


I’m looking forward to the next batch of birthdays because I get some jewellery too!


8 thoughts on “Presents for the girlies (and me!)

    • Oh thank you, this was a present for my sister, she loved another pearl necklace that I’d made for her but I wanted to try something different this time. There are four different coloured pearls in this necklace and I’d have liked to have made the jump between the pink and the next colour as subtle as the previous graduations. I like to try new things and I was really pleased with my sister’s reaction and your comment, thank you very much! 🙂

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