Absolutely spot on!
I’d also add to number #1 which suggests agreeing to go for a cuppa (something small so you can cut and run if your date isn’t quite your cup of tea)……meeting up early, so if it doesn’t work, you can go SHOPPING!!!
Day not wasted…thinking ahead see?



Follow these commandments or I shall smite you. Totally kidding, I hardly ever smite anyone.

1. Thou shalt not ever meet for the first time for more than coffee/drinks (i.e. something that thou could potentially get out of ASAP if thou’s date beith a total creeper).

  • When your potential match.com boyfriend asks you what you want to do, repeat after me: “Let’s plan on meeting for coffee/drinks and we’ll go from there.” This last phrase is key because it gives you the power to maximize the efficiency of your dating time. If this boy has no dating potential get the smallest drink you can (i.e. a shot of espresso…or Patron depending on just how bad the next 20 minutes are going to be), down it, cut your losses and go. However, if the guy turns out to be great, fully execute the “we’ll go from there” clause by having a…

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Carry Your Bags Mate?

Carry Your Bags Mate?




While I was in Sydney I spotted this fab window display in the Luis Vuitton store.


The designer/window dresser has done a brilliant job here both in the concept and application.  There was a crocodile in the other window but it’s almost impossible to get a photo because of all the passers-by and I was lucky to get this shot at all.

Apart from the major designers and top-notch names, you rarely get to see a really good window display these days as most companys tend to have the same boring, corporate type windows everywhere you go which is a shame.

Window display seems to be a bit of a dying art these days (apart from the big players)….its a shame!



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Rhinestone and Pearl Necklace

Rhinestone and Pearl Necklace

Swarovski clear crystal montees, interlaced with tiny clear glass beads, embellish this lovely v shaped white pearl necklace. The Swarovski sparkles beautifully adding some real glamour and glitz making this an ideal choice for a bride or as a gift … Continue reading

Bryony Tiara

Bryony Tiara

Purple Lucite flowers and Swarovski crystal  have been used to create something quite different from the norm so this would be perfect for someone who wants to make a statement on her special day whether it’s a wedding or a … Continue reading

Beautiful, Boxed, Embossed Couture Wedding Invitations

Beautiful, Boxed, Embossed Couture Wedding Invitations

I came across these stunningly elegant invitations from JustEmbossed on Etsy. There are several other pictures of these and other fabulous creations at JustEmbossed’s pages on   etsy.com/shop/JustEmbossed/ Aren’t they gorgeous?

The Fleur Tiara

This is a lovely design which here features triple Swarovski AB crystals and triple rosaline coloured glass beads but it would be just as attractive using other colourways or different materials…pearls for instance. Perfect for summery weddings or for a … Continue reading

Hello world!

A thousand welcomes to my brand new pages in which I’ll be blogging primarily about  my handcrafted tiaras, headdresses, combs and jewellery for weddings, proms, parties and special occasions.

I began making tiaras several years ago as a craftworker for a very successful local company then, after a gap of some years, my interest was reawakened while I was recuperating at home following an operation.

Iniatially I began selling my creations by word of mouth and following that I  added them to my shop on  Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/tindink   where I’d had some success selling my painted plates.     It didn’t take me long to realise that not everyone knows about Etsy and in any case, it’s not the type of  blog where I could chat and interact with visitors beyond exchanging the odd message here and there.

So that’s why I’m starting a brand new WordPress blog and hoping to reach out to those who may be interested in what I’m doing and making  and  those who are looking for the special finishing touches for a wedding or prom.

I hope you’ll drop by and visit often as I’ll be adding new creations along the way.

Of course, you may not want to wear a tiara yourself  but you might just know someone who does and if you do………..I hope you’ll mention my name………  Tindink!